Where is the best place to spend Thanksgiving with your partner

Most people associate Thanksgiving travel with stressful journeys to the airport or long, tiresome car rides. And part of that may be related to the family component. By making your Thanksgiving travel more a vacation, however, you can make the long weekend more fun and stress-free.

Even though Thanksgiving is the beginning of the peak holiday travel season, you can still find cheap flights to some of your dream destinations during this time of year. Whether you’re looking for a cozy small town to celebrate the holiday or an island getaway to forget about it entirely, there are plenty of options for Thanksgiving travel. If you don’t have a clue where to spend your holiday on Thanksgiving Day, here are some tips for this day to be memorable with your partner.

Put Your Relationship First

The most important thing the two of you can do to make your Thanksgiving Day holiday a joyous and stress-free occasion is to put your relationship with one another first.

  • Stand together and support one another as you communicate your holiday decisions to your families and friends.
  • When making decisions about where to go, who to see, and how to spend the day, remember to make decisions together that are healthy for your relationship.


Make Thanksgiving More Peaceful and Meaningful

Thanksgiving Day for the two of you may not match what you ideally envision.  It might be a day of stress, conflict, and turmoil in your marriage. Here are some tips for making the holiday more peaceful, calm and meaningful.

  • Consider having your own Thanksgiving Day dinner alone. You can join your families later for dessert.
  • If you don’t want to choose between which family to spend the holiday with, then get away together. You don’t have to go far either. There are probably some great resorts near your home that have holiday packages that include a romantic place to stay and Thanksgiving dinner.
  • If the two of you are hosting the Thanksgiving Day dinner, remember to try and keep balance in your lives.
  • Don’t strive for perfection in either the way your home looks, the way your kids behave, or the way the meal turns out.
  • Decide together in advance on who will do what when it comes to the straightening the house, planning, preparation, cooking, and clean up responsibilities.
  • Look for ways to go beyond the inner circle of yourselves and your families by taking canned foods to a place of worship or a local food bank. Think about helping to distribute hot meals on Thanksgiving Day.
  • Take a walk together.
  • Make sure you have some quiet time during the day.
  • Watch a favorite holiday movie together.
  • Do the unexpected and ask all your guests to work on a simple craft Thanksgiving themed project.

Set up a digital date

Having a long distance relationship is not easy especially during special holidays and memorable happenings. But technology finds a way for you to be bonded even miles away to have a long distance dating. You can make a video call or a digital date by making a video call. You can download different applications online like Skype, Viber and etc.


Cook a Thanksgiving dinner with your partner

Rope in your loved one into preparing a Thanksgiving dinner. If he or she likes pottering around the kitchen then you can go the whole hog and assemble a traditional spread including roast turkey and pumpkin pie. On the other hand, if your partner’s culinary skills are restricted to boiling an egg, plan something like mashed potatoes and turkey cutlets which will keep things simple and yet let you have a feel of the occasion. The whole idea is to spend time with each other while doing something fun and creative. And if the result is something that will set you free from worrying about what to make for supper tonight, what could be better!


Give Each Other Thank You Cards

I’m a big fan of Thank You cards. I’ve been known to send them to co-workers for helping me with a project and to radio DJ’s for tickets or things I’ve won on their station. I love the idea of preparing one for my husband for Thanksgiving!

It’s a great reminder to reflect on the positive things about each other and to show appreciation. I just ordered these Southern Hospitality cards to use this year. We write our cards and then I place them at the dinner table where the name cards would normally be. We read them before dinner. It sets a great tone for the day.


Watch a Favorite Christmas Movie

We stay awake until midnight and start the movie at 12:01 am. It’s my favorite of all of our holiday traditions.

I’ve shared some of my favorite Christmas movies before which include most of the classics while my husband has a different, more unusual, take on holiday films.

For our Thanksgiving night Christmas movie we typically settle on a shared favorite like National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story, or Elf.


Set up a romantic dinner

Convenience and the chance to enjoy with your partner freed from hours of cooking. But the pleasures of good eating (cooked and served by attentive strangers) are right up there, too. Here are the best destinations for this memorable day.

  • Georgia Brown’s (Washington, D.C.)

Starters include she-crab soup and fried green tomatoes. Then you can choose from one of five entrees, including turkey (roasted or fried) and crab-stuffed flounder. Traditional Southern sides and desserts such as collards and cobbler finish off the menu.

  • Akasha (Los Angeles)

It’s OK to feel good about gluttony at this hip Culver City restaurant renaissance leader that specializes in New American comfort food with all the organic, locally sourced fixin’s you desire. A sampling of Akasha’s creative and relatively guilt-free Thanksgiving feast includes:

— A roast cauliflower bisque

— Herb-roasted turkey from a local farm accompanied by chestnut and sage stuffing (and a West Coast sable fish if turkey’s not your thing)

— A pie buffet! Varieties include pumpkin, coconut custard, and numerous others.

– The Skillet (Mountain View, Arkansas)

The most inviting-looking public Thanksgiving event in the heart of Arkansas mountain country will be in full force again this year at Ozark Folk Center State Park.

This a living history facility dedicated to preserving the rich natural and cultural heritage of the Ozarks and the scenic town of Mountain View, aka “The Folk Music Capital of the World.”

The huge Thanksgiving buffet at the park’s restaurant, The Skillet, is a no-nonsense assortment of Southern staples: fried chicken, beef tips, roast turkey, ham with grilled pineapple and a host of veggies and desserts.

  • Mohegan Manor (Baldwinsville, New York)

Want to preserve the tradition of carving the turkey while abandoning every other Thanksgiving Day responsibility?

At Mohegan Manor, you can prix fixe an entire five-foot roundtable with up to seven loved ones and your own dedicated 16- to 18-pound tableside turkey.

This special day is not just an ordinary this the best time to thank your family, friends, loved ones and most especially our creator. We must thank for all the blessing, knowledge and treasure we received. Let us celebrate and be thankful every day.

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