French Players in Revolt For Nicolas Anelka

It seems that French players are in revolt after Nicolas Anelka was sent home.Nicolas Anelka insulted Domenech at the half time of the game with mexico and Nicolas Anelka was sent home because he refused to apologize.Knysna – France, now explodes revolt. The team is on the brink of elimination from the World and the case-Domenech Anelka has only blown a situation that became untenable conflicts between the players revolt against the coach, resigned at the federal level. Until the players’ decision not to train in protest against the exclusion of the attacker. I think that it is the right thing to do for Nicolas Anelka.

NO TRAINING – In Knysna, home to the withdrawal of Blues players were ‘Mutiny’ against the decision of the federation to send home Anelka, who had insulted Domenech. It ‘was just the coach to read the press the players, who unanimously decided to protest against the decision of the Football Association. Previously, the captain Patrice Evra had a violent fight with trainer Robert Duverne, making even the intervention of Domenech to separate them. The quarrel broke out while the other players had gone to greet the public who had been authorized to attend to training. The two contenders were in the middle of the field when the discussion degenerated and Domenech is rushed to a peacemaker. Evra then reached his companions went to greet the public while Duverne, furious, flung down his stopwatch in his hand. Jean-Louis Valentin, deputy director of the French Football Federation at the national, immediately announced his resignation: “Enough, too many fights are broken. I’m leaving,” he said.Nicolas Anelka started a revolt at national team of France.

PLAYERS OF THE PRESS – “All the French national team players, without exception – the statement – they want to assert their disagreement with the decision taken by the French Football Federation ruled out Nicolas Anelka. We regret the incident occurred in the range of France and Mexico, but we regret even more the disclosure of a fact that only belongs to the group and is inherent in the life of a senior team. At the request of the group, accused the player has started an attempt at dialogue. We regret that such attempt has been completely ignored. “For her part – Les Bleus continue – the Federation has never tried to protect the group. He made a decision without consulting the players, only on the facts reported in the press. Therefore, to emphasize his disagreement with the attitude adopted by the highest instances, all players have decided not to attend the meeting scheduled today. We are aware of our responsibility to bring the colors of our country, and those we respect our fans, teachers, volunteers and countless children have Bleus as a model. Do not forget nothing of our duties – to complete the French national – we all individually and collectively, because the French find her honor last Tuesday with a positive performance. “The text is signed:” The national players in France. “Goods beaucoup, au revoir “(” Thank you and goodbye “), Domenech said after reading the text, before leaving. I hope that Nicolas Anelka will come back at World Cup because France need him very much.

Anelka-Domenech, DRESSING TO ATTACK – The soap opera-Anelka Domenech had already had developments this morning to defend the attacker this time is a little ’surprise, just the coach of France. While acknowledging the correctness of the choice of the Federation, Domenech has partly justified its main detractor. If the coach was taken to the locker room. “Nicolas has reacted maybe wrong but that episode had to stay in the dressing room – said to the microphones of Tf1 – even if the decision of the Federation was the right one. People can not imagine the pressure: in a locker room that can happen a coach has something to say to his players that can also have a fit of nerves. I do not care what he said, the real problem is that an episode had to remain inside. Anelka For I can only blame the fact that we have not wanted excuse. ” I like Nicolas Anelka very much he is a great player.

LITE-Ribery Gourcuff – A witness to the heavy weather also alleged dispute between Franck Ribery and Yoann Gourcuff. The South African press reports on a strong debate between the two during the return flight to Knysna, with former Milan player who accused the star players of Bayern have been too apathetic in the field. Only the intervention of Toulalan has prevented the two come to blows.

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