Medal of Honor: Not So Succesful

The new Medal of Honor is a great game but it seems that it is not having a big succes.Many people said that Call of Duty 7 is much better than Medal of Honor.The action of this shooter in first person, available for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, is a “historical fiction” that develops in the “barren lands” of Afghanistan, reports Electronic Arts (EA), a company responsible for title. The player can step into the boots of a soldier of the elite Tier 1 Operators of America, a unit specializing in high-risk missions has worked with the development team to provide realism to the game.

Scenarios, uniforms, weapons and vehicles displayed are faithful reproductions, has even attempted to carry the plot of “Operation Anaconda” in which U.S. troops launched an offensive against the Taliban resistance and al Qaeda at this Afghanistan in 2002. Medal of Honor is a great game but it seems that not everybody think the same way.

EA claims that users experience the war experiences of military “experts in the application of violence” and hopes that the inclusion of the figure of Tier 1 in the new “Medal of Honor” the game becomes one of the military titles “more sold in the decade. ” The theme of the game, recommended for audiences over 18 years, reflects her spirit: “The majority fled the sound of bullets. I run into them. ” The purpose of the title is to survive a melee fight without quarter.

But the multiplayer “online” “Medal of Honor” is the most appetizing and has also proved the most controversial.

EA, in its efforts to lead from the interactive entertainment “an authentic look at the reality of the present war” and to reflect the fact that in every conflict has two sides, initially suggested the player could choose to fight alongside Americans or the Taliban.

The reactions were swift. Last August, UK urged retailers to prohibit the sale of the new edition of the game, considered “bad taste” by the defense minister of that country, Liam Fox, for its part, the Pentagon banned the marketing of title in stores in the U.S. military bases.

After criticism, EA backed down and renamed the Taliban side by the opposing force to “no disrespect” to the U.S. military. Following changes in the nomenclature applied to “pay tribute to soldiers today,” the first installment of a “Medal of Honor” leaving the scene of the classic World War II arrives in stores this week. Now the public decide.

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