Ricky Martin pictured with his alleged partner

Rumors about a possible link between the employer Ricky Martin and Carlos González Abella circulating for some time, but the issue of TVyNovelas’ just published the first photograph of the alleged partner since the singer went public with his homosexuality.

In the picture, Ricky Martin appears in a swimsuit along with Gonzalez. The magazine said the photograph was taken three weeks ago by a ‘paparazzi’ from the bay in front of the artist’s house in Miami.

Carlos Gonzalez Abella, nephew of former Puerto Rico Gov. Pedro Rossello, has been seen on several occasions with singer and their children, and has always been presented as the administrative representative. The businessman, who has never denied his homosexuality, he spends most of the time at the home of Ricky Martin.

A few days ago, the magazine ‘OK! “Announcing that the two are known from childhood, when they agreed on the Sacred Heart College, and maintained a relationship for a year and a half.

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