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Our top 5 famous fathers and why we love them so much

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There are so many famous fathers we know. If we were to list them all, it will actually be a full article. The list is endless. For the sake of this article, how about we focus on just five of  Hollywood’s most well-known fathers and why they are loved.

5 celebrity dads we love

1. Will Smith tops the list of famous fathers

If there is a father who can take the crown for being Hollywood’s best dad, its Will Smith. Some people might find his parenting style weird. However looking at how the kids turned out, he is definitely doing something great there.

Will has managed to raise Trey Smith, 24, Jaden Smith, 18, and Willow Smith, 16. These children have followed will into the spotlight. They seem to have followed in their father’s footsteps. The way they dress seems to be people’s issue but like Will says it, no punishment. Just be responsible for your actions.

2. Neil Patrick Harris

This is one of the famous fathers we love. Yes, he is gay but he is always gushing about his twins. He loves hanging out with them. There is nothing sweeter than a father who is always present.

He pays a lot of importance to his kids’ extracurricular activities.

3. David Beckham

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Can you believe this retired soccer genius is a father of 4? Well, his parenting style is having a strong support system with his wife.

4. Justin Chambers

Speaking of numbers, this dude has 5 kids. Justin believes in calling kids out when they misbehave. Much as he really loves his kids and enjoys spending time with them, bad behavior has to be reprimanded.

5. Kevin Hart

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So  he makes money being goofy and doing stand up comedies. But when it comes to parenting, there is nothing short about him. It’s a priority. Open communication is his parenting style.


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