Young celebrities ready to take the world by storm

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There are so many upcoming young celebrities who have big dreams and ambitions for their future. These are the ones who will be the next Tom Cruises and Madonnas of this world in the years to come.

If we could, we would have listed all of them. Well here are a few to watch out for…

Under hot young stars ready to take over the world

Colin Ford

If you have watched “Under the Dome”, then you know him as Joe McAlister on the show. This 22-year-old graced our TV screens and we loved how he carried himself out and his character on the show.

Ford has been featured in quite a number of movies and TV series including “Jake and the Never Land of Pirates” and “Family Guy” – where his voice was used and “Supernatural”.

He has been nominated for several awards and has won a few.


Speaking of hot young celebrities who are all-rounders, Zendaya is the name that comes to mind. This 22-year-old is doing it all – acting, singing, and modeling.

She has displayed her acting skills on Disney show “Shake It Up” and “K.C. Undercover”.

Zendaya won her first award in 2015, Choice Award. The other one is the Kids’ Choice Award which she snagged for being the Favorite TV Actress.

Then there is the singing and modeling. Need I say more?

Speaking of young celebrities, how about Maisie Williams

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“Game of Thrones”. That’s right. The badass tomboy Arya Stark. I know you will all agree that that was her best work ever. Can’t wait to see more of her in the coming years.

She doesn’t just stop at acting. This chick is a human and animal rights activist and has a film production company to her name. How about that!

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