How to spend Thanksgiving with your loved one

Many relate Thanksgiving to travel. Travel often means long stressful journeys to the airport or tiresome car rides. Also, Thanksgiving is related to family functions.
A good way to spend Thanksgiving is to turn it into a loving vacation rather than a stressful experience. Doing this will only make your long weekend more enjoyable and stress-free.

Even though Thanksgiving is at the beginning of the peak holiday travel season there are still plenty of cheap flights that you can get. You can get to your dream destination at this time of the year.

Relationship comes first

One of the most important things that you can do to make your Thanksgiving a nice and stress0free occasion is to put your relationship first of anything else.

  • Support each other and communicate what matters to you.
  • Remember to take decisions together. Don’t try to make your decision happen. Rather, try to comply with your other half.

Thanksgiving should be Peaceful and Meaningful

Thanksgiving may be different from what you imagine or envision. It may be a day full of stress, conflict, and turmoil in your marriage. Here are some tips to make it better:

  • Consider having your own dinner alone with your other half. Your family can join you later.
  • If you cannot decide with which family to spend the day with, then organize a getaway.
  • Don’t strive for perfection. Just be yourself and the rest will follow.
  • Cleaning the house is important. But hey, remember that this is not a hospital so do not over-do it with small unnecessary details.
  • Make sure to keep room for some quite during this day.



Cook the dinner together

Jump in and help your loved one with cooking the dinner. If you are not god with cooking then try to make the easy things like salad, potatoes, starters etc. Whatever you do, try to be helpful rather than just strolling around in the kitchen.

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