How to flirt in 2017

If you seem to have trouble flirting with girls and women at the bars and clubs, we can help. Actually, a lot of guys seem to share this issue. However, the same issue seems to exist when people are flirting online. Meeting people online on free interracial dating sites is very common nowadays. So learning how to flirt is a must. There are many ways to flirt online. We collected the best only to share them with you:

Tell them something interesting.

If you want to talk to someone you have to talk about something. Furthermore, when you are speaking to women, you have to speak about something interesting. Especially, when you are doing this online, there is nothing worse than starting a conversation with “hey” or “ur cute”.

Get the other person talk

People prefer talking than hearing. It is easier for people to talk when they feel comfortable. If you want your conversation to proceed to a fun and flirty one then you definitely have to make the girl feel comfortable by being a very good listener.

A way to do this is by asking a lot of follow-up questions. Ask about details of everything they talk about. Did you have fun? How was it like? DId you eat anything nice?



Be persistent

You need to be persistent in order to succeed. You have to flirt many times before finding the special one that will click to your flirts. First, you have to start the conversation and then you have to try to spice things up and connect with the other. FLirt around and try your luck. There is nothing wrong with having many conversations but keep them light.

Don’t give up. You may need some time before you get used to online chatting or even offline flirting. Dating sites require persistence.


don’t tr ing to make yourself look cool. just be you

Pretending to be something else rather than what you are is not a healthy long-term strategy. If you want genuine connections and chat with people then it is important to be yourself. Even if you manage to impress someone by pretending to be something else or someone else, in the long-term this will not work. The reason is that you impress someone by showing something wrong.

Be funny and make jokes about her profile

You can try to be funny and flirty by joking about something on her profile. Why should you do this? Because of two reasons. The first reason is that you will stand out from the rest flirting. The second reason is that it is a good way to make her look at your profile so she can joke back.

maybe you need to move on to social media

If you met on a dating site, it is probably to move things to social media. Doing this will make things more formal. You can continue chatting on Facebook or Instagram or even WhatsApp. Why should you do this?

Because a woman on a dating site might not feel 100% comfortable. Doing this will allow her to relax and enjoy the conversations without feeling stressed. Also, it is an assurance for the girl that you are really looking for something formal and that you are not just F*cking around.


Always compliment

All people, especially women love compliments. It is a very effective way of doing someone feels good about themselves but also connect with you. BUT, make sure to not use a compliment as an opening line. Complimenting on her boobs or body before you get to know someone a bit, it is often a sign of wrong and questionable intentions. Learning how to flirt online has a lot to do with correct timing.


You and only you should end the conversation

A woman that is being flirted always wants more. If you end the conversation, it will make her want even more, Before the conversation gets boring it is a nice idea to cut it short. This will make her think about you. This may be awkward for you and you may not be able to do it. You can use a simple ending line such us “Good talking to you. Got to run now though. The guys are here to pick me up”


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