Famous Rap – Hip Hop Mogul Eminem Criticises Trump in 4 Minute Rap

Eminem recently released a scathing attack on President Trump. The 4-minute video was broadcast during the Bet Hip Hop Awards show on Tuesday and attracting immense ratings as a result. The video that averages at more than 4 minutes shows the rapper in a verbal outrage that he refers to as the `The Storm`. According to various celebrity news sources, the rapper, whose official names are Marshall Mathers, can be heard in the video criticizing The President of the US for his response to the violence that occurred in Charlottesville, Virgina. More, the rapper also criticizes the president for his repeated attacks on NFL protestors and his wars with countries such as North Korea.

More so, in the viral video that was captured on Friday, in the rappers home of Detroit shows the rapper giving the delivering the lyrics in a parking structure as a crowd watches. The rapper is skilled with his words and delivers a barrage of attacks on the president and at some time even referring to him as `Kamikaze` who would lead to the next `nuclear holocaust` as well as a `racist 94-year-old grandfather.`

In referring to the various tweets by the president a few weeks ago regarding his opposing the NFL player protests during the national anthem, Eminem mentioned

This is simply a type of distraction. Additionally, it attracts a large reaction instead of looking at issues such as Puerto Rico and Gun reform for places such as Nevada. All these tragedies are leaving him bored, and he would rather create chaos on Twitter to act as a distraction. This has not been the first attack by the famous rap hip-hop star. In a recent 2016 presidential election, the rapper referred to Trump as a `loose cannon`, who does not have to respond to anyone’s comments in a nearly 8-minute cipher that he dubbed as the `Campaign Speech.`

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