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Keep yourself up-to-date and have a healthier relationship

couple at the cafeHaving your limits when it comes to a relationship can actually help maintain it as happy and healthy as possible. The best way to go with setting limits to each other, is to actually set these together. So you sit down with your partner and explain what and why you want to set specific boundaries and make each other understand how important is to respect and obey those boundaries. Doing so will ensure that you communicated your issues to one another, you will have a deeper understanding of each other needs and insecurities and you will be more open to each other about stuff that bothers you. As a result, you will maintain the happy and secure relationship you always wanted and avoid the need to find a new partner who will respect all of the above.

Being open and honest

Talking and communicating is one of the most important aspects of your relationship. Without it, you will feel suppressed and you will eventually have the need to look for a new partner or even cheat. And when it comes to talking, it is not only about chores and housecleaning, it is not only about who did what and who didn’t but it is actually about more personal and emotional issues that you need to set boundaries for from the beginning.

If you do address your issues and concerns, you will know firsthand the opinion of your other half and make an educated decision whether he/she is what you are looking for. If you do so at the beginning of a relationship, no hard feelings will come up since you will be sure prior developing any feelings for that person. In the case where you maintained a long-term relationship with that person and then feel pressured by his/her opinions and actions then it would be much more difficult to set an end to your relationship and end up both being heart-broken.

Of course, that does not mean that when talking to each other, you won’t have any disagreements. You should want to disagree at some level since you want the other person to express their honest opinion and not pretend to be on the same page when in fact is disagreeing and not admitting it. While you will disagree on some aspects, arguments should be avoided. Being aggressive to each other does not constitute a healthy relationship and might end up hurting one another with comments that you would otherwise not express. Thus, it is wise to have constructive discussions rather than destructive ones.

Always have some fun

Having kids and a job does not limit you from having some fun as well. Remember to always balance things out. When it comes to healthy relationships, having fun is extremely important. Couples who keep things interesting will be far happier than couples who feel bored with each other.

One way to go about with having fun is to break the routine. It is recommended that couples have date nights every now and then. But doing the same thing over and over again on date nights can also cause boredom. So spice things up with doing things you’ve never done before or you always wanted to do. Keep a list of what it is you want to do on each date night and stick to it. This way you will be more encouraged to go on your date and you will find yourself anxious for the next one! And remember to keep your sex life upbeat as well with trying new trends.

Need help?

There are couples who cannot seem to communicate well with one another and continuously find themselves fighting over the same issues over and over again. If so, it is advised to seek help from a professional psychologist who can aid in having a better communication and find common grounds of development. Visiting a therapist does not mean you gave up, it can actually be of a lot of help having a third person’s perspective of what it is that won’t allow you to communicate. Therefore, you will avoid fixing your issues by having a break or even divorcing/separating.

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