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Easy Halloween costumes for guys and girls this October 31st

31st October is here with us again and you are on the lookout for easy Halloween costumes for guys and girls. So if you haven’t gotten one yet, don’t worry. We are here to assist you to get a great costume within a short period of time. If you are a couple we will give you ideas of couple’s costume ensembles.

Great costume ideas ahead of Halloween

Harry Potter

costume ideas“Hello, ladies! I am Harry Potter!” This is one of the easy Halloween costumes for guys that they have been able to pull off easily for years. All you need is to get yourself a pair of oval glasses and a nice striped scarf. And you won’t have to explain who you are dressed as. People always figure it out.

Vampire nun and priest.

This is one great couple’s costume that’s easy to make. The lady can wear anything black and make the nun headgear in black and a white strip. The dude can wear a black robe and the clerical collar. Carry or wear crosses and get a set of vampire teeth.

You can paint your faces white and put a red mark on the side of the mouth to show someone who is just from drinking blood.

Ghosts costumes

halloween costume ideas

You don’t even need to run to the store to buy these. You can sit at home and do it yourself. I am sure we all have a white bedsheet somewhere in the house that we are willing to mutilate for this costume. Cut it out to leave you room for breathing. Pair it with a pair of black gloves.

Other easy Halloween costumes for guys and girls

Other DIY costumes to consider this October 31st are:

  • The nerd costume where you get a pair of suspenders, add some tape in between your nerdish black glasses and carry a calculator.
  • The skeleton costume where you cut up a t-shirt in a rib cage style.  Remember to wear a black t-shirt underneath for effect. You can also cut out a heart-shaped paper and place it under the skeleton.


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