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Our top 5 famous moms and why we love them so much

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Famous moms or not, one thing that makes a mother a great mom is the love they have for their kids. No amount of money can replace the love of a mother. Lucky for these mothers is that they have the money to spoil their kids with gifts and still have love for them.

This list does not mean that other famous mothers are bad. It’s just that we see these mothers balance their hectic lifestyles, raise their kids well and still manage to look hot for the paparazzi. These are mothers we emulate and inspire us.

Our list of 5 famous moms

1. Michelle Obama

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First off, this woman looks like the kind of mother who discipline and love go hand in hand. As a former first lady, she managed to be the woman behind her husband, the whole of the United States of America and her children.

She managed to live in the white house and still be the humble woman she is. And her children did well for kids of the US president. Humble as well. And don’t forget that she has 2 Ivy league degrees!

2.Angelina JOLIE

Angelina is one strong woman. To be able to have love for your kids and adopt 3 more? Everyone admires this famous moms. Who wouldn’t admire someone with an interracial family?

3. Kris Jenner

You might argue that she doesn’t fit the cut. She so does. This is a mother who has 6 children to her name. She manages her kids careers. And she has managed to put up a straight face and was there for her kids even after her husband decided he is transgender.

4. Jada Pinkett

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What makes Jada a great mum is the fact that she is co-parenting with her husband’s ex-wife. They fought their wars and finally figured things out.

5. Kim Kardashian West

For a mom to decide to use a surrogate to get a third child, this is one woman who really loves kids.



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